image of brendaOff the mat-

Brenda works as an English Language Learning Co-ordinator with New Canadians at the libraries in Dartmouth NS.

She enjoys watching movies, listening to music, going to the theatre, spending time by the ocean, travelling and exploring this big wide world of ours, reading books, journals and blogs and weekly singing in the You Gotta Sing Chorus.

She is the mother of an adult son who is her greatest teacher.

On the mat-

Brenda will gently and skillfully guide you to find YOUR full expression of the pose, whatever that means for YOUR body.  You will always be encouraged to do what YOUR body can do and to focus inward to find the essential learning that yoga will offer for you.

If available props including straps, blocks and cushions will be used to provide physical support to the pose.

All of her classes include pranayama (breath work) AND Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra to help you integrate your yoga experience on the mat into your daily life.

Brenda strives to live a whole and balanced life and will help and support you to do the same.

One of her greatest joys is sharing and introducing yoga to people like you who are ready to find out what yoga can bring  into your life!

Brenda believes that yoga is a personal and collective healing force that has the capacity to help you connect to both your humanity AND to your divinity.

Brenda believes that we are each others best teachers and we both learn and grow from being with each other in the class together.  Her goal is to be an inspiring, confident and real teacher so that you will have a beneficial experience that you can take off the mat and into the world of your daily life.

She follows these 12 principles as outlined in the book Teaching People Not Poses by Jay Fields.

  1. Be yourself
  2. Practice
  3. Show your vulnerability and your expertise
  4. Teach from your own experience
  5. If you don.t know, say you don.t know
  6. Stay in your body
  7. Don.t take it all so seriously
  8. Remember that your students are people
  9. Learn anatomy
  10. Plan enough so that you can stay spontaneous
  11. Remember who and what supports you
  12. Don’t try to please everyone

Yoga Training

Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training
Kripalu Inspired Hatha Yoga
200 hours.   2012-2013
With Julie Palmer and Linda Wallace
Halifax NS

Chair yoga Teacher Training
13 hours 2013
With Julie Palmer
Fall River NS

Round Body Yoga Teacher Training
30 hours 2013
With Tiina Veers
Toronto Ontario

Curvy Yoga Teacher Training
18 hours.  2013
With Anna Guest-Jelley

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
40 hours.  2013
With Jennifer Reis
Boston MA

Rest and Relax Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
20 hours. 2013
With Judith Lasater
Rochester NY

Brenda has a BA and BSW and has been a social worker for more than 25 years in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

During a period of intense yoga practice in 2002 Brenda created  a self-help book on divorce recovery called Uncoupling. Ask her for a copy if you are experiencing the growth and pain of separation and divorce. Ask her about group and 1-on-1 individual Uncoupling yoga classes using the Uncoupling book as a guide.